Nationwide strength

We cover more ground

With offices in the South and North Island and a well-polished distribution and installation network we ensure getting everything from A to B goes A-OK. It’s here that our local knowledge and regional networks allow us to get out, meet and talk to our customers.

Global reach

We seek the best sources.

We take pride in both the domestic and international networks we’ve forged over the years and the quality this in turn provides to our customers. Raw materials must deliver proven capability and use recycled materials where possible to maintain sustainable, forward-thinking focus

Research and development

We elevate by innovating.

Providing a range of products to an equally large range of end uses requires specialist knowledge and focused understanding. We have built a reputation for innovation by working closely with customers to clearly understand their needs – then adapting and evolving our product range accordingly.

Tailor-made solutions

We size up before putting down.

Only by looking at a project from every angle, from initial scoping through to final installation, can we tailor our service to suit individual requirements. This often means comprehensive site visits to ensure everyone’s in line before anything is installed.

The mindset

We know that when our customers succeed, we do too.

Family owned and operated, we know the importance of personal integrity. Our good reputation is vital to our continued success. That’s why, while we take pride not just in the strength and longevity of our products, we likewise aspire for the same in our customer relationships.

Our story

We take small steps and bold leaps.

Our company’s first steps were taken by father and son duo Peter and Mike Judd. Working in Oamaru in the mid-90s they saw the need for a dependable product on the local paddocks – one that could provide better care to cows and greater returns to farmers. Sourcing a range of high-quality matting and testing it to the extremes of local conditions they found a surfacing solution that could consistently deliver outstanding grip and comfort to human and animal. There was a hugely positive response, spurring us onto further research and development. After success in agriculture we soon turned to focus on a range of playground uses. Here the expertise and understanding of safety standards allowed the company to innovate with confidence. Nowadays many schools and councils across the country use both this and other key product lines. With success in these sectors we developed a network of expert installers and introduced a project management team to service every need of clients before, during and after installation. Recent expansion into the gym and automotive markets has provided more great results, and we regularly work on diverse projects in the industrial sector also.