When buying a cargo van / small truck liner, ute or quad bike matting you need to ensure a number of boxes are ticked – including ease of use, lightness of weight and, all-importantly, ongoing durability.  

Our solutions deliver a custom-fit for impact and puncture-resistant floors and surfaces. Importantly too, each provides a steadfast grip for worker safety and cargo stability. So you can protect the people and products above while safeguarding the vehicle below.

A ute’s best friend

The deck mat

Durable, light, simple to install and easy to clean, our deck matting covers floors, walls and tailgates. Absorbing shock and noise while repelling oil, petrol and other harmful chemicals, the sun and rain-resistant matting is machine-cut for 100% accuracy and ease of installation.

Fleet of fortune

The van floor

If you’re a fleet manager we’ve got the non-slip van flooring options to protect the safety of your vehicles and your drivers. These solutions are designed to be quickly and easily installed allowing you to get your vehicles out on the road and taking care of business.

The right look

Custom branding

We’re keen to help with your special requirements. We custom-fabricate sub-floors, interior designs and specialized storage/mounting applications. And when you need added logo visibility we can custom-design our products to match the unique brand identity of your company.

The advantage

6 reasons van and ute floor liners will steer you right

  1. A quieter ride. With a solid level of insulation on the flooring of your vehicle noise from the cargo area can be considerably reduced.
  2. A protective layer. When accidents happen (and they inevitably do) the rubber or plastic surface of the floor liner can protect tools, equipment and the vehicle itself.
  3. A professional look. Cargo flooring gives your work vehicle a clean and confident look that’s easy to maintain.
  4. A custom fit. Our solutions are made to fit your needs precisely and we guarantee a quick response and fast, easy and accurate installation.
  5. A safe platform. Specialty flooring reduces potential injuries and protects your investment in fleet vehicles and team members.
  6. A planet-friendly option. It’s about doing more, with less. Recycled rubber and other renewable resources are used in all of our fleet matting products.
Our partners

Who we work with

Numat supply vehicle matting solutions to a number of New Zealand’s leading automotive brands. Our relationships with these businesses have been built with diligent, flexible and focused service.

Our guarantee

Your peace of mind

We have a range of premium quality matting and surfacing options for the New Zealand working vehicle on the farm, in the warehouses and through the streets. These vehicles often take a battering – and you need the peace of mind that your matting will take a licking and keep on protecting. All of our flooring and lining products met the range of demands within this testing working environment and carry a two-year warranty.