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Healthier stock, increased production.

Ensuring success beyond the surface for Kiwi farmers

We’ve developed our product range over the years to deliver the most cost-effective results – fewer lame animals, less vets bills and greater returns from your live-stock.

We’ve also approached our research and development with the aim of providing more cost effective and smarter solutions for farmers.

Featured Products


High quality German rubber product, very popular due to its extreme durability in a wide range of applications.


Premium quality checker plate surface with a soft, yet sturdy studded base.

ZigZag Roll

ZigZag Roll is our economy matting for dairy yards, ramps, and lanes.


An economic 12mm mat with a number of applications. Great for stables and deer sheds.

Featured case study

Little Ben Station reduces lame cow numbers with Legend

A major reduction in foot problems and an effluent containment problem under control has made this Legend mat installation a breathtaking success.

Need advice?

Our free on-site assessment ensures out of sight improvement. Talk to one of our knowledgeable agri consultants for better options upfront and greater success long-term.