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Numat rubber matting the ‘Easy Choice’ for Eloise Stevenson

For Eloise Stevenson the decision to improve the flooring for her barn’s main entrance with...

For Richard van Ras, Numat’s rubber matting was a lifesaver

The matting reduced pugging, allowing Richard and son, Johan, to bring their farm up to 2400...

9 Years of Healthier Cows with Numat Matting

Rex Hines’ dairy farm in Motumauoho has had Numat rubber down for near on nine years. Matthew...

The comfort zone – Looking underfoot and overhead on a Southland farm

“You can see that, given hay or matting, the cows definitely prefer the matting when given the...

Comfortable cows the secret to success at Isla Bank dairy farm

Dairy farming in Central Southland for 14 years, Paul Hardegger has seen first-hand how rubber...

10 years and counting at Swanslea Farm in Kopaurahi

Henry Schipper has had our rubber matting in his yard for just under 10 years. His favourite...

Improving cow comfort and pasture management with rubber matting

“Previously, in late winter and spring, the decision to stand cows off was often...

Comfortable Rubber Matting for the Horses at Almaree Park Equestrian Centre

The stable matting at Almaree Park is modern, easy to clean, and non-slip.


Comfortable and Happy Cows at Normandy Land, Thanks to Numat Matting

The new rubber matting for the feedpad at Normandy Land, Matamata is durable, long-lasting and...

Putting a Stop to Swollen Legs at Thornicroft Station

The deer at Thornicroft Station no longer get swollen legs, all thanks to Numat’s Unimat. 

The “Rolls Royce” of matting for deer at Raincliff Station, South Canterbury

The durable, user-friendly rubber matting that is now installed at Raincliff Station allows for...

Protecting Deer Feet at Otago Deer Transport

Otago Deer Transport has been using Numat stock crate mats in their specialized deer crates for...

New Float Floor Makes For One Happy Horse

When it came to renovating her horse float, Kayla Redshaw knew rubber matting was a must.

ComfortZone Pit Mat: A Real Life Saver

Stepping back onto the cold hard concrete of the pit floor after a broken back just about...

Rubber Mats for the Rhinos of Hamilton Zoo

They may have hides like Rhinoceros’s, but the Rhinos at Hamilton Zoo still need their...

Shaving Costs and Improving Care

Location: Te Horo | Products: Kura

An End to Sore Feet in the Yard

Location: Matamata | Products: Legend | Size: 380m2

Rubber Surfacing Solves Slipping in Herringbone Shed

Location: Te Awamutu | Products: Legend | Size: 110m2

Entry, Exit and Ramp Matting Solves Dairy Farmers Slipping Problems

Location: Whakatane | Products: Legend | Size: 126m2

Saving Deer Hooves and Worker’s Feet at Tikikino

Location: Tikokino | Products: Unimat | Size: 520m2

Happy Cows on Cow Carpet

Location: Koromiko Dairies | Product: Cow Carpet

Tracking Nicely at Awapuni Racecourse

Location: Palmerston North | Product: Kura

A Rational Decision For Northbank Station Deer

Location: Rakaia | Products: Unimat, Legend | Size: 290m2

[Watch] No More Slipping For The Cows Of Kaimanawa Farm

A major reduction in lameness and a big increase in cow comfort – it’s a good news...

[Watch] The Wilson Sisters Reduce Slips In Their Stable

When the Wilson Sisters noticed their horses slipping on the concrete floors in their Northland...

Little Ben Station reduces lame cow numbers with Legend

A major reduction in foot problems and an effluent containment problem under control has made...

A Big Reduction In Numbers of Lame Deer

Location: Te Awamutu | Product: Unimat | Size: 215 square meters

Easy Off And On With Horse Float Ramp Mat

“Since applying the mat he loads straight up first time with no issues. He also unloads...

Kura – The Ultimate Stable Floor

Time and costs associated with maintenance and labour were creeping up. It seemed the best way...

Improving Cow Flow And Reducing Lameness With Kura

“It really has improved cow flow – they’re practically running across it.”

Increased stand-off time with Kura matting

“The matting was the best economic option for us. As a stand-off pad, I would say it will...

How a Waitaki farm stopped pugging with Cow Carpet

“The cows love it. There have been no rips or tearing and no mess – after a bit of rain...

Rubber Matting Reduces Horse Bedding Costs

“The horses are happy to lie on the rubber matting, which eliminates the need for straw or...

Kura Saved His Farm

The wettest Waikato winter in 30 years meant Wayne had to standoff his cows on Kura matting for...

How slat matting helped this Southland farm eliminate slip injuries.

Southland farmer Barry Pannett was having major problems with crook joints and cows skinning...

Ascot Farms Horse Walker Surfacing

Ascot Farms needed a horse walker mat that was thicker, stronger and more durable than what...

Red Deer on Unimat Rubber Matting

Deer hooves on concrete floors make for a noisy day at the office. For Te Awamutu velvet farmer,...