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Concrete vs Rubber

Which Would You Prefer to Walk On?

Watch what happens when cows are given a choice.



See our full product range for Dairy, Deer and Equine rubber matting.

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Made of the highest quality recycled rubber and manufactured to exacting standards – we promise a specialist mat for every dairy application.

There are over one billion tyres manufactured worldwide each year. Each has a limited lifespan on the vehicle it is originally intended for. And then what? How do you turn this wide-ranging, long-term waste into a valuable resource? Sometimes the answer is at your feet…

Numat’s dairy matting products are made from rubber recycled from waste vehicle tyres using a clean and efficient recycling process in New Zealand, Europe or Canada. Rubber used in these tyres comes from sustainable forests of the Pará rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis.


Where Numat can help

Entry / Exit

Cows are more sure-footed and confident when walking on Numat rubber as they enter and exit the milking shed.


Rotary Platform Mats

It is critical to provide an anti-slip, comfortable milking platform for cows to stand on during the business end of the process.


Numat adds a new dimension to cow health and well- being, herding the animals towards the milking shed with surety and comfort.

Feed Pads

FeedPads are becoming increasingly popular with New Zealand dairy farmers. It’s not surprising – the pads protect pastures, conserve grass and minimise mud.


Numat rubber provides comfort with soft walking areas and helps to keep your alleyways clean.

Tracks and Lanes

Access-ways can be treacherous for hoofed animals and high maintenance for farmers. Reduce the threat of falls and stone bruising with our built-tough rubber matting.


Slope and Underpass Matting

Our underpass and slope matting provides the perfect buffer between the cows’ hooves and the underpass concrete, reducing stone bruising and greatly improving cow flow.

Pit Mats

Economic pit flooring. Soft underfoot with anti-slip features, ultimate comfort and safety ensures you’re investing in the best alternative to hard concrete flooring.

Cow Bed Matting

Numat cow bedding provides comfort and encourages longer lying times for your cows.

Cow Barn Matting

Numat slat matting provides excellent cow comfort, warmer, drier, reduces straw wastage, improves cow condition.

Herringbone Bail Matting

Herringbone bail matting provides an anti-slip alternative to concrete during the milking process.

HerdHome Slatmat

Numat HerdHome® Shelter slat mats are designed to give cows a warmer, safer alternative to harsh concrete slats. They are free-draining, anti-slip, and with our patented rubber peg fixing system, they’re easy to install and uninstall as needed. 

Hoofcare Mats

A tough permeable synthetic casing with a sponge inner for containing liquid hoof treatment products.

Cups On / Off

Soft matting provides great standing or walking areas and relieves pressure on milkers feet, legs and back.


Calf Trailer Mats

Numat sets the standard when it comes to calf trailer matting. It’s comfortable, durable, and conforms to all relevant standards.

Scraper Rubber

Custom cut to suit your dimensions. Numat specialises in producing rubber yard scraper blades to suit any model of agricultural yard scraper/backing gate whether it be old or new.

Road Crossing Mat

Cowtrax is a lightweight synthetic mat for placing over roadway cow crossings, optimizing grip for animals while keeping faeces and mud from soiling the road.

Working with Numat is easy.

Featured case study

10 years and counting at Swanslea Farm in Kopaurahi [Video]

Henry Schipper has had our rubber matting in his yard for just under 10 years. His favourite aspects of the mats are durability and cow comfort.

Henry Schipper installed Numat rubber matting on his yard in Kopaurahi in 2010, after major issues with pugging in wintertime.

Further case studies

Comfortable cows the secret to success at Isla Bank dairy farm

Dairy farming in Central Southland for 14 years, Paul Hardegger has seen first-hand how rubber matting improves cow wellbeing, track maintenance, and farm productivity.

9 Years of Healthier Cows with Numat Matting

Rex Hines’ dairy farm in Motumauoho has had Numat rubber down for near on nine years. Matthew Murdock, who has been managing the farm’s herd for the past two years, says its one of the best management tools he has for looking after the wellbeing of the cows and the pasture.

For Richard van Ras, Numat’s rubber matting was a lifesaver

The matting reduced pugging, allowing Richard and son, Johan, to bring their farm up to 2400 cover, ready for calving season.

No More Slipping For The Cows Of Kaimanawa Farm

A major reduction in lameness and a big increase in cow comfort – it’s a good news dairying story straight out of the Waitaki Valley.