Rubber Dairy Matting

Less slips. Greater productivity. Better returns.


For successful dairy farmers it’s not necessarily about working harder, but working smarter.

That’s why we’re staying busy helping Kiwi farmers make the most of what they’ve got, ensuring they can reduce slippage, decrease vet bills, increase productivity and increase profits. Be it a small test piece or a large installation project we have the product range and service dedication to ensure their underfoot helps your bottom line go above and beyond.

Where Numat can help

Entry / Exit

Cows are more sure-footed and confident when walking on Numat rubber as they enter and exit the milking shed.


Rotary Platform Mats

It is critical to provide an anti-slip, comfortable milking platform for cows to stand on during the business end of the process.


Numat adds a new dimension to cow health and well- being, herding the animals towards the milking shed with surety and comfort.

Feed Pads

FeedPads are becoming increasingly popular with New Zealand dairy farmers. It’s not surprising – the pads protect pastures, conserve grass and minimise mud.


Numat rubber provides comfort with soft walking areas and helps to keep your alleyways clean.

Lanes and Races

Access-ways can be treacherous for hoofed animals and high maintenance for farmers. Reduce the threat of falls and stone bruising with our built-tough rubber matting.



Our underpass matting provides the perfect buffer between the cows’ hooves and the underpass concrete, reducing stone bruising and greatly improving cow flow.

Pit Mats

Economic pit flooring. Soft underfoot with anti-slip features, ultimate comfort and safety ensures you’re investing in the best alternative to hard concrete flooring.

Cow Bed Matting

Numat cow bedding provides comfort and encourages longer lying times for your cows.

Hoofcare Mats

A tough permeable synthetic casing with a sponge inner for containing liquid hoof treatment products.

Barns and Shelters

Numat slat matting provides excellent cow comfort, warmer, drier, reduces straw wastage, improves cow condition.

Cups On / Off

Soft matting provides great standing or walking areas and relieves pressure on milkers feet, legs and back.

Featured case study

Little Ben Station reduces lame cow numbers with Legend

A major reduction in foot problems and an effluent containment problem under control has made this Legend mat installation a breathtaking success.

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