Calf Trailer Mats

Numat sets the standard when it comes to calf trailer matting.

It’s comfortable, durable, and conforms to all relevant standards.

Our calf mat options are made of super soft yet durable rubber that provides maximum comfort and safety for your calves. They can be installed in pens and trailers and are easily cut to size with a snap off blade knife. Our open surface option has large cylindrical holes making it the ideal free draining mat – keeping your calves clean and healthy. Our closed surface option is soft, durable, and easy to clean.


SureFoot Mat

AGRB 10mm

H10 Safety Mat




SureFoot Mat Size

Width: 1000mm 
Length: 1500mm 
Thickness: 24mm

10mm AGRB Size

Cut to length from roll.

Roll widths: 1200, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2400mm

H10 Safety Mat

Cut to length from roll.

Roll width: 1800

Easy ‘do it yourself’ installation.

Features and benefits


Soft, cushioning effect

Provides maximum comfort, keeping calves calm. 


Large cylindrical holes allow waste to fall through

Keeping calves clean and healthy.


Anti-slip rubber surface

Provides surety and safety underfoot.


Easily removed for cleaning

Or can be washed down in place.

Calf Trailer Products

SureFoot Mat

Surefoot’s super-soft, yet durable rubber makes it the perfect mat for transporting light livestock like Bobby Calves and Deer. Not only is it free-draining and easy to clean, it also provides comfort and safety for your stock.


Popular multi-purpose mat with a hammer-blow profile and ribbed base. Durable, anti-slip, and easy to clean.

H10 Safety Mat

A versatile and durable mat that can be cut to length from the roll. Comes with drainage holes making it an excellent livestock trailer mat or pen mat. 

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