Bail Matting

Herringbone bail matting provides an anti-slip alternative to concrete during the milking process.

The milking shed can be an intense environment with cows at risk of slips and falls. That’s why it’s important to make sure your cows are calm, increasing animal flow and milk production. 

Herrinbone Bail Matting Products


Premium 24mm interlocking mat with mosaic profile and thick studded base.


Premium quality checker-plate surface with a soft studded base.


Economically priced alternative with thick rubber studs on both the surface and underside.

Featured case study

Rubber Surfacing Solves Slipping in Herringbone Shed

Lucas Allcock knew what he wanted. The Te Awamutu farmer needed matting with “a thick grip that was long lasting” for his 270-stong herd.

The reason behind this purchase was plainly evident at each feeding time. “We were having problems with the cows coming up to feed. The big Friesians were jamming up and pushing each other. As a result, we were getting a lot of lameness in the herd.”

Entry, Exit and Ramp Matting Solves Dairy Farmers Slipping Problems

For John Begley the change to Numat rubber matting was needed after a challenge arose from new construction.

Comfortable cows the secret to success at Isla Bank dairy farm

Dairy farming in Central Southland for 14 years, Paul Hardegger has seen first-hand how rubber matting improves cow wellbeing, track maintenance, and farm productivity.

ComfortZone Pit Mat: A Real Life Saver

Stepping back onto the cold hard concrete of the pit floor after a broken back just about destroyed Oubaas Pretorius. Fortunately, he found ComfortZone Pit Mat and is now back doing what he loves.

Improving Cow Flow And Reducing Lameness With Kura

Andrew Gillespie had wanted protection for his 650-strong dairy herd for some time and had been weighing up the options for rubber matting. Now, looking back, he said, “it’s one of those things you could regret not doing sooner.”