Horse Rubber Matting

Horses thrive
on Numat.

Numat’s range of equestrian matting is specifically designed to provide safer flooring surfaces for horses. The benefits are well proven in New Zealand equestrian circles.

Horses were never designed to walk and lie on concrete. It’s abrasive, slippery, freezing cold in winter and ‘hard as the hammers’. Concrete flooring and walkways are a leading cause of slippage and hoof wear. The costs are significant yet avoidable.

Likewise, most horse truck and float floors are not designed with horses in mind. Hardwood flooring can become very slippery, stressing the animals or worse, contributing to falls.

On Numat rubber matting the hoof naturally sinks into the surface shaping to the animal’s contours and giving it grip and confidence. It’s non-abrasive, reducing wear and tear on horses’ hooves. And Numat will provide a warmer, quieter and more comfortable environment for animals and handlers.

Numat rubber matting is more hygienic. Research results prove that a non-porous, vulcanised-sealed rubber surface has a lower microbial count than concrete and wood. Numat is simple to wash down with a hose and broom, using considerably less water that with concrete – up to 50% less.

Featured case study

The Wilson Sisters Reduce Slips In Their Stable [Video]

When the Wilson Sisters noticed their horses slipping on the concrete floors in their Northland stables they went looking for a solution. They found it in the form of Numat’s Unimat stable matting.

Sisters, Vicki, Kelly and Amanda, had all witnessed horses slipping and falling on the concrete and knew they needed a high-grip solution to the problem.

Features and benefits


Anti-slip surface

Less risk of falls, less injuries, less fear, less stress.



Less hoof wear, less leg fatigue

Softer, warmer

More content animals


Easy to clean, non-porous

More hygienic conditions

Sound absorbing

More comfortable for you and your animals


Happier, healthier horses

A happier you!

AgriMat is an eco-friendly solution

There are over one billion tyres manufactured world-wide each year. Numat is doing its bit to help recycle the discards into a valuable resource.

Numat is committed to environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes. It is also committed to using sustainable resources in the manufacture of its products, and to recycling and reusing to minimise waste wherever possible.
Almost all AgriMat matting products are made from rubber recycled from waste vehicle tyres using a clean and efficient recycling process in either New Zealand, Europe or Canada. Rubber used in these tyres comes from sustainable forests of the Pará rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis.
There is no match for high performance rubber with unrivalled:
  • Strength
  • Elasticity (strain energy)
  • Noise and shock absorption
  • Chemical resistance
  • Long service life
  • Non-toxic, enviro-friendly

Where Numat can help

Stable Floor Matting

Numat stable matting produces outstanding outcomes in the stable environment. It’s warmer, quieter and more comfortable, for you and your horses.

Horse Walker Matting

Numat matting for horse walkers provides a more comfortable and safer surface.

Horse Float/Truck Matting

When you need to get from A to B with complete confidence in the well-being of your animals our matting provides the secure choice for short and long trips.

Wash Bay Matting

Numat’s wash bay matting provides a free draining surface with excellent grip and cushioning, and withstands soaps and shampoos.

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