Horse Float

They’ll be traveling in comfort and style on Numat rubber.

Transporting horses is so much easier with Numat natural rubber floor and wall coverings. 

The extra shock absorption makes for a more comfortable journey, reducing animal stress, leg fatigue, over-stressed joints, and possible fall-related injuries. Float matting also reduces road noise through the floor, is easy to hose and sweep clean, and has the added bonus of protecting the float from wear and tear.

Your horses will love the feeling of confidence that comes from riding on Numat.

Float/Truck Floors


AGFB has a high-grip hammerblow profile and flat base which is ideal for permanent flooring – simply glue the mat to the float floor. AGFB is available in rolls and a range of widths – your one-piece mat will be custom-cut for an exact fit. There are two depths: 10mm and 16mm.


AGRB also has a high-grip hammerblow profile but a ribbed base which gives more cushioning. This is a removable mat, available in rolls and a range of widths – your one-piece mat will be custom-cut for an exact fit. There are two depths: 10mm and 16mm.


WideRib is a 10mm heavily ribbed mat. The ribs run lengthways in the float, and are easily hosed and swept clean. WideRib, with a flat linen base, comes in a roll and your mat will be custom-cut for an exact fit. It is glued into position.


DuoMat is an affordable alternative to other float matting products. Its reversible abilities make it the perfect universal product for your surfacing needs. With both sides having a high grip and shock absorption capabilities it can take the brunt of high-intensity movement as well as a being soft and comfortable.

Float/Truck Wall Linings


FlatMat is used on the walls. This has a flat profile and base, and with a depth of 4mm or 6mm, it’s lightweight for easy installation. Industrial adhesive, screws and finishing washers are used for installation. A black silicon seal gives an excellent finish between the wall and the floor. 


The 6mm Flat base is light enough to line the walls while still creating a cushioning effect. The woven inlay ensures extra strength and durability as well as a significant reduction in noise.

Ramp Products

Ramp Mat

RampMat provides sure footing and increased confidence for both the horse and its handler when loading and unloading. The strong horizontal lines make the matting easy to hose down and sweep. It has the added bonus of protecting your ramp from wear and tear.


Impact Buffer

Impact Buffers are solid rubber buffers designed to reduce the impact between horse ramps and the ground. Buffers protect ramps from wear and tear under strain, ultimately extending their life and saving you money on repairs and replacement. Available in two sizes and simple to install.

Primer & Adhesive Kit

Primer and adhesive kits for DIY horse float matting installation. Can be used on flooring, wall linings and ramp mats.

Featured case study

When Kayla Redshaw of Balclutha decided to renovate her horse float, she knew it would include the installation of some decent rubber.

As the Balclutha local puts it, “Matting was a must!”

Kayla’s horse Molly is a show horse with a quirky personality – known for being impatient and unpredictable in the float, and prone to scrambling and losing her balance.

Easy Off And On With Horse Float Ramp Mat

Zoe Towler was having trouble getting her horse to load, a familiar scenario for many horse owners.  Numat’s Ramp Mat was the perfect solution, offering comfort and assurance whilst protecting the ramp and reducing noise.

Installation guide for Horse Float/Truck Matting

Installation guide for all Float/Truck matting including flooring, ramps, walls aswell as recommended primer and adhesives.