Stable Floor Matting

Numat stable matting produces outstanding outcomes in the stable environment. It’s warmer, quieter and more comfortable, for you and your horses. And it’s easier to keep clean, saving time and reducing bedding costs by up to 80%.

Rubber floor covering is also healthier. It’s anti-slip surface reduces the risk of falls and injuries. It absorbs impact and prevents tendons and joints from over-stressing. It saves on hoof and shoe wear. And rubber flooring instead of clay reduces dust to help COPD sufferers.

Research results also prove that a non-porous, vulcanised-sealed rubber surface has a lower microbial count than concrete. Any soiling that may find its way under the mat has no impact on the hygiene status.

Stable Floor Products


Belmondo is our premium interlocking stable mat.


Premium 24mm interlocking mat with mosaic profile and thick studded base.


An economic 12mm mat with a cellular profile and ribbed base. 

Featured case study

The Wilson Sisters Reduce Slips In Their Stable [Video]

When the Wilson Sisters noticed their horses slipping on the concrete floors in their Northland stables they went looking for a solution. They found it in the form of Numat’s Unimat stable matting.

Sisters, Vicki, Kelly and Amanda, had all witnessed horses slipping and falling on the concrete and knew they needed a high-grip solution to the problem.

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