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Looking for more information about our Agri rubber matting? You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find brochures, case studies, installation guides and articles to help you with your decision making process.

Dairy Matting Cost Estimator

Find out just how much your rubber surfacing will be with our online surface cost estimator.

This helpful tool provides you with an indicative cost based on your surface area.

Agri Catalogue

More milk, less lameness, greater ongoing profitability – lead your farm in the right direction with our advanced rubber matting. 

Equine Catalogue

Numat’s range of equestrian matting is specifically designed to provide safer flooring surfaces for horses.

ATV Carrier Mat Flyer

Super grippy carrier mats for your quad that help your dog stay on.

Cow Trax Product Information

Cowtrax is a strong, yet lightweight synthetic mat, designed for placing over roadway cow crossings to catch cow solids, reducing the risk of costly tarmac erosion and complying with council regulations.

Kura Product Information

Premium 24mm interlocking mat with mosaic profile and thick studded base.

YoungStar Product Information

Heavy-duty 32mm thick mat with hoof-stopping lugged profile.

Case Studies

Find out how our rubber matting has helped improve animal comfort and wellbeing on farms around New Zealand.

Installation Guide for Kura, UniMat, Legend and Double Stud

Full instructions on how to prepare, lay, cut and anchor Kura, UniMat, Legend and Double Stud interlocking mats.

Installation Guide for Horse Float Matting

Installation guide for all Float/Truck matting including flooring, ramps, walls aswell as recommended primer and adhesives.

Installation Guide for Cow-Trax Matting

A lightweight synthetic mat for placing over roadway cow crossings.

Go with the flow, 6 details that deliver happier cows and healthier productivity

The little details can make a massive difference when it comes to optimising the flow of your cows at milking time. 

Minimizing Stress and Maximizing Returns in the Deer Shed

Warwick Kent was running 2500 stags on a 2000-hectare farm in Tikokino and he was having all sorts of trouble with foot infections.


Rubber matting for horses… where should you begin?

Numat’s range of equestrian matting is specifically designed to provide safer flooring surfaces for horses and humans.

Why Rubber Matting Will Save You Time and Money

Most Dairy Farmers are constantly investigating numerous ways to save time and costs on the farm in the long term.

2 Signs You Need to Invest in Rubber Matting for Your Feed-pad

All dairy farmers know that standing off cows from pasture protects your pasture and promotes future pasture growth as pasture production and quality is mainly affected by grazing intensity.