Ute Mats

A sure thing. Deck matting that’s built to last.

Our adaptable and durable ute matting range delivers maximum protection, extra traction, and safety when needed.

Shock and noise absorbing, sun and rain-resistant; our ute matting is super tough and goes the distance. Machine-cut for 100% accuracy and ease of installation.

BarGrip Ute Mat

Features and benefits


Great Protection

Protect your deck. Protect your tools. Protect your knees. No matter what you’re carrying, a rubber deck mat from Numat will ensure it’s safe.

Ultra non-slip

Excellent traction and safety when needed.



Hardwearing, durable and fully weather resistant.


One piece

Our ute matting is machine cut for 100% accuracy and ease of installation. It also makes it easy to clean.

Great Utility

Easy on the knees and easy on your tools, our ute mats transform the ute deck into a durable, protective work surface. All mats carry a two year warranty.

Great Looks

Our tidy matting solutions look good on the deck and protect it from dents and scratches, keeping it in tip top condition and looking it’s best.

Ute Mat Products



Firm, light and durable. BarGrip offers excellent traction and safety while absorbing shock and reducing road noise. Fully weather resistant, BarGrip is machine cut for precision fit and ease of installation.


Soft and chunky. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s weak. AGFB offers superior traction and unparalled protection. And it’s strong. Fully weather resistant, fully shock resistant, noise reducing and precision cut for the perfect fit.

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