Comfortable Rubber Matting for the Horses at Almaree Park Equestrian Centre

The stable matting at Almaree Park is modern, easy to clean, and non-slip.

Situated in Canterbury, only 20 minutes from Christchurch city centre, Almaree Park Equestrian Centre sits on 18 acres and is home to modern, high-end facilities.

When owner, Aliesha Deans, was building her equestrian centre, she wanted facilities that she personally would enjoy. When it came to selecting flooring options for her stable, that meant she didn’t limit her research to New Zealand and the products that are normally used here. Instead, she looked to North America – “I started looking off-shore, to what particularly the Canadians do,” she says.

Drawing inspiration from the Canadians and from how matting has been implemented in cow and deer sheds, Aliesha knew what she was after, stating, “I needed it to be a quiet area, non-slip. And I wanted to be able to wash it down.” Given that Aliesha did not want the hassle of dealing with dust or sawdust, and preferred the modern, sleek look, she found Numat’s range of stable matting products to be the perfect fit.

“As soon as I walked the first horse over, I thought, ‘I’m happy’.”

Aliesha Deans, Almaree Park


The choice of product was especially important for Aliesha, who had quite specific demands. She knew that the matting would inevitably be put under considerable stress and be potentially subjected to damage. This is why she went for the Unimat matting with its interlocking, removable squares. “I like that if something terrible was to happen, like I was to drop a battery on a square, I can just ask Numat to pop that square up, and I can remove this unsightly damaged mat, and suddenly my place looks good again,” says Aliesha.

For Aliesha, the decision to install Numat made complete sense, but it wasn’t until part way through the installation, when she compared the new flooring with an existing concrete floor, that she knew she had made the right decision. Aliesha explains, “As soon as I walked the first horse over, I thought, ‘I’m happy’, then I shifted over onto the concrete area, and suddenly it was hard and freezing. And it was the middle of summer.”

Aliesha is of course constantly trying to improve her equestrian facility and plans on using Numat’s Flat Base mat to cover her stable walls to increase their durability and longevity.

Aliesha has been thoroughly delighted with her Numat stable matting, but it’s perhaps the most important judges, the horses themselves, that have the final say. Since installing the matting, they have been more comfortable and relaxed, and Aliesha is confident that they too love their new stable matting.


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