Little Ben Station reduces lame cow numbers with Legend

A major reduction in foot problems and an effluent containment problem under control has made this Legend mat installation a breathtaking success.

When Merv McCabe went looking for a solution to his effluent containment and lame cow problems he considered a few different options including white gravel, concrete, and rubber matting.

Merv knew concrete would be hard on his cows hooves and that white gravel would require frequent maintenance. After doing his sums, he discovered rubber matting was the most cost effective option for addessing both problems.

After an on-site visit, Numat recommended their Canadian-made Legend mat to cover the trouble area. Merv agreed and installed the mats himself.

“The cows love it. They virtually dance on it. It’s encouraging to see that.”

Merv McCabe, Little Ben Station, Omarama

Since laying the rubber down, Merv says he’s seen a major reduction in foot problems adding, “The cows love it. They virtually dance on it. It’s encouraging to see that.”

“Was it worth it? I’d have to say it was… hence why we’re doing the other two lanes this season.”

One of Merv’s major concerns prior to installing the matting was not knowing how long it would last and if it would be cost effective.

Since then, any question over the durability of the matting has been well and truly satisfied. Merv says, “We’ve done three seasons and you would think that it was only put down yesterday.”

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