Raising the Roof – Mama’s Childcare in Queenstown

The rooftop space of this new Queenstown childcare centre required a fun and adaptable surface.

Each day, up to up to 82 children enjoy the play area on the first floor of the Five Mile Retail Centre, blissfully unaware of the work that went into creating the seamless look.

When it comes to challenging playground projects Mama’s Childcare was up there with the best of them. The Queenstown project presented its share of complications for owner Mike Stewart, who took on the task of building an outdoor play area on the roof of a busy shopping centre.

He knew the play surface was one variable he could rely on.

Mike had worked with Numat on two childcare centre projects previously. So he had no hesitation in calling on the company again when choosing safety fall surfacing for the new centre.

“It was more than just the fact that I’ve got a history of surfacing two other childcare centres however,” says Mike. “Firstly, the price is right and secondly, quality is important. I know their matting lasts.”

About Mama’s Childcare

Mama’s Childcare is located on the first floor of the Five Mile Retail Centre and offers a vibrant, fun space for up to 82 children.

“This was probably the most challenging playground project in New Zealand,” says Mike.

Creating a safe, fun play area on the roof of a retail centre took careful project management and reliance on a good team of suppliers and installers. The entire roof was insulated, and then waterproofed before an aluminium structure was constructed for the plastic decking.

Cleverly, the play area was recessed so that the PlayTiles were flush with the surrounding surface. The result is a completely level surface across the whole outdoor area, free from edges or trip hazards.

Thanks to careful planning, Mike was able to complete the construction of Mama’s Childcare around the workings of the retail centre below, and a crane was used to move the PlayTiles onto the site. Here it was critical that delivery was on time to keep the project moving and the neighbours happy.

Now that the build is complete work boots and hard hats have been replaced with sandpits and play dough. The kids at Mama’s Childcare can enjoy the PlayTile surface throughout the year thanks to its ability to allow water run-off in the wet and cold. On warmer days it will never get too hot for little feet thanks to the shade cloths above.

Mike can now reflect on the success of the project and his decision to use PlayTile again, a choice he sums up quickly and easily: “They just work”.



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