Red Deer on Unimat Rubber Matting

Deer hooves on concrete floors make for a noisy day at the office. For Te Awamutu velvet farmer, John Hunter, relief came in the form of Numat’s UniMat rubber matting.

Running 900 animals on his 80-hectare farm, John has animals through the sheds most days. During velvet season, things get even busier (and noisier).

John was looking for a way to keep animals calm and safe while they’re in the sheds.

After seeing the positive effects of UniMat at a friend’s deer farm John was sure he had found the answer. Now that his concrete floors are covered with the durable rubber matting John is enjoying quieter days. More importantly, so are the animals.

“Deer react very quickly,” says John. “They make scratchy noises when they’re on the concrete and they spook one another.” Spooked animals are more likely to slip in the shed, something every deer farmer wants to avoid.

“I’m very pleased I put it down. They don’t scratch, and they don’t slip, so they don’t spook one another.”

John Hunter

Often putting up to 100 animals through the shed in one day it was also important to John that the matting could withstand the heavy load. While John’s matting is only 4 months old he can already see how durable it is.

“I’m very pleased I put it down”, said John. “They don’t scratch, and they don’t slip, so they don’t spook one another.”

“It wears exceptionally well,” he says.

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