Saving Deer Hooves and Worker’s Feet at Tikikino

Location: Tikokino | Products: Unimat | Size: 520m2

Running 2,500 stags on a 2,000-acre property outside of Hastings, Tikokino velvet farmer Warwick Kent doesn’t have time to mess around with anything less than the best.

Warwick installed UniMat two years ago and was so impressed he went on to install it in a second shed and the outside yards. Compared to concrete floors the animals are now calmer and easier to handle. But the most important benefit is a financial one.

“The deer can get an infection in their feet from scraping on concrete,” says Warwick. ‘It gets into their blood system and you can’t stop it.”

“One of the best things we’ve spent our money on in the last couple of years.”

Warwick Kent

While previously losing up to ten animals a year Warwick has only lost one animal in the two years since installing UniMat.

He’s also impressed by the durability, with no sign of wear and easy cleaning with a weekly hose down.

And one of his favourite benefits? His feet! Standing on rubber matting all day long is more comfortable than concrete, and the Tikokino farmer feels the difference after time in the sheds, adding that the matting is “one of the best things we’ve spent our money on in the last couple of years.”

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