Solid rubber interlocking mats for herringbone pit flooring. Diamond stud profile, studded base.


ErgoMat is the top of the range when it comes to Herringbone pit matting, providing multiple health and comfort benefits for the milker. A smart alternative to hard concrete flooring, ErgoMat’s 17mm thick profile takes the pressure off your feet, legs and back while its diamond stud surface works as anti-slip matting to prevent falls and injuries.



Width: 1700mm
Length: 950mm
Thickness: 17mm

Features and Benefits

Interlocking Edge

Cut with precision water-jet technology, Ergomat’s jig-saw edge ensures each tile fits perfectly with the next.

Excellent Traction

Ergomat’s unique diamond studded surface provides maximum traction reducing slipping.

Anti-Fatigue Pit Mat Surface

As an anti-fatigue mat, ErgoMat provides maximum comfort and support, taking pressure off worker’s feet, legs and back.

Improves Animal Health

As a cow mat, Ergomat provides a soft, safe, and durable surface that helps prevents lameness and improves traffic flow in and around the shed. 

Where Ergomat Works

Pit Mats

Softer, warmer, safer – happier. You’ll never regret installing pit matting. Prevention is better than cure, but it’s never too late!


Milking Platforms

Double Stud matting relaxes your cows while milking, reduces the risk of cows slipping off the platform, and speeds up milking times.

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