Hammerblow Mat

Hammerblow Mat is ideal for horse floats and trucks and a multitude of other uses. 

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With its high grip profile, Hammerblow Mat is the ideal flooring solution for horse trucks and floats. Its woven inlay ensures extra strength and durability.

Comes with either a flat or ribbed base. The flat base option is excellent for gluing the mat to other surfaces. The ribbed base option is preferable when extra cushioning is required. 

Hammerblow Mat comes in various thicknesses and roll widths and is sold by the lineal metre.

Flat base thicknesses: 6mm, 10mm 16mm

Ribbed base thicknesses: 10mm, 16mm

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Made with recycled rubber

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Where Hammerblow Mat Works


Horse Floats

10mm Flat Base has a high-grip hammer blow profile and a flat base which gives more cushioning, for a more comfortable journey, reducing animal stress, leg fatigue, over-stressed joints and possible fall-related injuries.


Calf Trailers

10mm Flat Base is made of super-soft yet durable rubber that provides maximum comfort and safety for your calves. It can be installed in trailers and is easy to clean.

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