Premium quality checkerplate surface with a soft studded base.


Premium quality checker plate surface with a soft, yet sturdy studded base. Numat ‘Legend’ is true to its name, providing everything you (and your animals) could wish for in a rubber mat: grip, comfort, durability, and quality that will hold its value for years to come. 



Width: 920mm
Length: 1070mm
Thickness: 25mm

Secured with stainless steel 60mm anchor bolts.

Finish with Legend Ramped Edge.

Features and Benefits

Interlocking Edge

Cut with precision water-jet technology, Legend’s jig-saw edge ensures each tile fits perfectly with the next to create a seamless finish.

Excellent Traction

Legend’s unique checkerplate top surface provides maximum traction reducing slipping and fall injuries.

Easy to Install

Legend matting fixes to concrete with our specially designed stainless steel anchors. Installation is easy, requiring just a drill and a hammer. 

Improves Herd Health

Legend provides a soft, safe, and durable surface that helps prevents lameness and improves cow traffic in and around the shed. 

Where Legend Works

Entry / Exit

Legend at any entry / exit replicates the feel of natural pasture, helping cow flow and eliminating hoof wear, lameness, and white line disease.

Milking Platforms

Legend matting relaxes your cows while milking, reduces the risk of cows slipping off the platform, and speeds up milking times.


Don’t stand your cows on hard concrete. Resurfacing your aged concrete, saves water, makes cleaning easy, and reduces slipping and injury.

Feed Pads

Cow comfort – extended standoff time (in fact your cows could live on it) reduces slipping, increases cow condition, easy to clean.

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