MulchSet is a ‘natural look’ safety surface for recreational areas, playgrounds, and walkways.


MulchSet is a ‘natural look’ safety surface for recreational areas, playgrounds, and walkways. As a long-lasting, water-permeable surface, it provides an economical and hygienic alternative to organic mulches. Its one-piece poured installation delivers a smooth surface with zero joins making it highly accessible.


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  • A porous free draining product 
  • A soft, springy safety surface
  • Installable on a gradient 
  • Protects against UV and weather extremes 
  • 2 colour options are available 
  • Looks like real bark without the mess


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Features and benefits

Premium Quality

MulchSet matting is a premium quality product made to an advanced design. The coarse recycled rubber shred base layer is poured on-site. The textured coloured top layer is then poured on top and this melds to the base layer.

Hard Wearing

MulchSet will look fantastic for years! It is resistant to scratching, ultra-violet, all weather extremes and is very resilient to accidental and deliberate damage. This includes fire, where MulchSet is proven to have a high flame tolerance.

Maximum Safety

MulchSet offers a range of Critical Fall Height factors (CFH), from any height up to 3.0 metres. Varying thicknesses of shock pad provide the right amount of cushioning for the specific play equipment in use. Single 20mm top layers can be used in general play areas that don’t have play equipment.

Design & Installation

Numat can visit and talk to your people on how MulchSet will deliver the best results and value. Numat’s certified installers will provide a guaranteed top quality finish. MulchSet is a double-pour, seamless matting so there is minimal movement and no lifting. Timber or concrete edge profiles give a tidy finish.


“This surface is an absolute winner.”

“It is my pleasure to endorse our new junior playground surface, provided by Numat. The rubber mulch product used gives a fantastic natural look, that is visually appealing, very tidy and ultimately very safe for our students. It is also extremely low maintenance. There is no bark chip to keep tidy and it can be used in all weathers. The students love it because it feels soft and they enjoy playing on it. This surface is an absolute winner.”

– Matt Morrison – Principal, Westmount School, Timaru


MulchSet comes in two pre-mixed natural blends – dark green/light green and beige/brown. 

Unlike colour-coated rubber mulches, MulchSet is 100 percent dyed. This means that a surface covered with Mulch will retain its colour.


Brown Blend

Green Blend

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