NDure is an economical matting for dairy yards, ramps and lanes. Comes in easy-to-install rolls. 


NDure is our economy matting for dairy yards, ramps and lanes. At 22mm thick, its unique zig-zag and straight-line grooves easily absorb animal weight to give optimal grip and comfort, reducing lameness.



Roll Width: 1800mm
Roll Length: 30m
Thickness: 22mm

Features and Benefits

Extremely Durable

At 22mm thick, and with 5mm stainless steel cable inlay, NDure offers extreme durability and is guaranteed to never stretch.

Grooved Top For Extra Traction

With its wave-shaped grooves NDure provides plenty of extra traction to reduce slips and falls.

Easy On Hooves

NDure’s soft rubber surface is easier on animals and won’t damage hooves like concrete does.

Easy To Clean

NDure’s durable surface can be used with automatic and manual scrapers making it easy to clean.

Easy to Install Rolls

NDure comes in rolls that rolled out in one piece. Installation is fast and easy.

10 Year Guarantee

NDure is guaranteed for 10 years, but we believe it will last much longer than that!

Where NDure Works


NDure provides comfort with soft walking areas and helps to keep your alleyways clean.

Lanes & Races

Great transitional product to place between the race and the yard. Reduces mud, pugging, congestion and stones being carried onto the concrete yard.

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