Pour’n’Play is the world’s leading dual-pour rubber surface system. It combines the highest quality shock-pad with a colourful wet pour rubber top layer to bring you New Zealand’s premium playground surface solution. With an incredible choice in design options, highly effective shock absorbency and exceptional durability, Pour’n’Play takes underfoot safety and style above and beyond.


The most technically advanced wet pour rubber surfacing system in New Zealand, Pour’n’Play is the ideal choice for all types of community spaces. As a single or multiple layer, depending on the application, this surface is great for schools, physical education facilities, gyms, weight rooms, climbing areas or around pools and splash pads. The matting also has soundproofing and insulating abilities, making it a viable option for both inside and outside spaces. Depending on the layer thickness a range of Critical Fall Height measures can be met.


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How it Works

Features and benefits

Premium Quality

Pour‘n’Play matting is a premium quality product made to an advanced design. The coarse recycled rubber shred base layer is poured in a pre-shaped mould on site. The fine grain coloured top layer is then poured on top and this melds to the base layer.

Hard Wearing

Pour‘n’Play will look fantastic for years! Pour‘n’Play is resistant to scratching, ultra-violet, all weather extremes and is very resilient to accidental and deliberate damage. This includes fire, where Pour‘n’Play is proven to have a high flame tolerance.

What's it made of?

Pour’n’Play uses TPV rubber granules sourced from the market leading Rosehill TPV. TPV stands for Thermoplastic Vulcanised rubber. It is a premium quality rubber made from virgin polymers combined with UV stabilised pigments in order to increase colour retention and longevity.

Rosehill TPV offers superior UV stability and long-term ageing properties compared to alternative products. Numat is the exclusive importer and distributor of Rosehill TPV for New Zealand.

Design & Installation

Numat can visit and talk to your people on how Pour‘n’Play will deliver the best results and value. Numat’s certified installers will provide a guaranteed top quality finish. Pour‘n’Play is a double-pour, seamless matting so there is minimal movement and no lifting. Timber or concrete edge profiles give a tidy finish.

Critical Fall Height Specification

Pour‘n’Play matting is a premium quality product made to advanced design. The coarse recycled rubber shred base layer is poured in a pre-shaped mould on site. The fine grain coloured top layer is then poured on top and this melds to the base layer. To keep our Pour’n’Play product at the critical fall height specifications we have variations of shockpad thicknesses depending on the height requirements. Any fall height below 1.6m will have a shockpad thickness of 25mm, any height between 2m and 3m will have a range of 45mm, 65mm and 80mm. A top layer of Pour’n’Play consisting of a 20mm thickness is added to the shockpad.



Pour‘n’Play comes in a range of 22 colours giving you so much scope to create fantastic designs. Using different colours in different ratios, Pour’n’Play literally has thousands of colour combos. You can have fun with these to create your own unique colourway.

You can mix and match your colours to add more style, fun and games to your playground at no extra cost. Add a graphic or logo; waves and patterns; even chess boards, tag bases, sprint tracks and four square. Or just add colours and shapes and the kids will soon invent a new game.


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Case Study

Margaret Mahy Park, Christchurch.

The Margaret Mahy Park in Christchurch was undoubtedly the most exciting and challenging project we have worked on in recent years.

As a major development post-earthquake in the Garden City, it has also been one of the most important ones. The origins of this work started back in 2013, when the ideas from over 6,000 Canterbury children were evaluated as part of a citywide initiative to design and build a world-leading urban playground in Christchurch. The winning entry was based on the stories of Margaret Mahy, an esteemed local author whose books have enraptured generations of Kiwi kids.

I would like to take this time to say thank you to you and your team for the wonderful and beautiful job your company has done to our tamariki playground. We are happy to say our tamariki really love their new safe playground, and so do we as the workers of our Kohanga.

Te Paa Harakeke Kohanga Reo

We love our Numat – a 10! It is visually appealing, lovely to walk on and safe for our children. I am so glad we have it and wish we’d done it sooner.

Crackerjack's Preschool

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