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Numat HerdHome® Shelter slat mats are designed to give cows a warmer, safer alternative to harsh concrete slats. They are free draining, anti-slip, and with our patented rubber peg fixing system, they’re easy to install and uninstall as needed. 

10 Reasons to Consider Numat SlatMats for your HerdHome® Shelter

  1. Provides a soft laying surface which encourages cows to rest leading to increased milk production.
  2. A hygienic alternative to straw bedding which reduces bacteria exposure and Mastitis.
  3. Optimal softness combined with perfect sure footedness ensures cows are more relaxed.
  4. Mosaic grip surface reduces cow’s slippage and therefore decreases joint and hoof damage saving you time and money.
  5. Reduces the incidence of cow lameness.
  6. Strong, durable rubber protect grates against chipping when they are removed and stacked for cleaning.
  7. 36mm wide slat holes reduce the chance of smaller stock going down slat holes causing lesions and bruising.
  8. Rubber provides improved heat insulation making it warmer for your cows hence less feed and ultimate cow comfort.
  9. No need for straw! Cut bedding costs to zero and save capacity in your bunker that would otherwise be filled by waste straw.
  10. High-quality German-made product with 15 years of proven performance.



Thickness: 24mm

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