Free-draining thick rubber matting with a multitude of applications around the farm and home.

Width: 1000mm | Length: 1500mm | Thickness: 24mm

Product details

SureFoot is a 24mm thick, free-draining mat with multiple uses:

  • Anti-fatigue mat – An excellent mat for people to stand on providing excellent grip and cushioning to prevent fatigue.
  • Wash bay mat – Surefoot rubber matting is free-draining. It provides the perfect wash down matting, with excellent grip and cushioning. 
  • Calf and Deer Transportation – Surefoot’s super-soft, yet durable rubber makes it the perfect mat for transporting light livestock like Bobby Calves and Deer. 

Width: 1000mm | Length: 1500mm | Thickness: 24mm

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Made with recycled rubber

Features and Benefits

Anti-Fatigue Mat

As an anti-fatigue mat, Surefoot provides maximum comfort and support, taking pressure off worker’s feet, legs and back.

Excellent Traction

Surefoot’s unique rubber surface provides maximum traction reducing slipping.

Free Draining

Surefoot is free draining making it an excellent choice for wash up bays and areas where effluent needs to drain away. 

Calf Trailer Mat

Surefoot’s soft, shock-absorbing surface is perfect for small livestock like calves. It’s holed surface means effluent drains away keeping animals clean and healthy.

Ramp or Straight Edge

Ramp edging is great in high-traffic areas, straight edging works well in enclosed areas like trailers and pens. 

Where Surefoot Works

Cups on/off

Soft matting provides great standing or walking areas. Relieves pressure on milkers’ feet, legs, and back. Don’t waste another day on hard, slippery concrete. Literally, the right mat can save years of suffering and pain.

Wash Bay

Anti-slip, free-draining, anti-fatigue, and durable – Surefoot makes the perfect wash bay mat.

Livestock Trailers and Pens

Cellular rubber prevents livestock (especially young calves) from slipping- keeping them clean and healthy. Can be cut to size.


Deer Transport Mats

Our Surefoot mats are made of super-soft yet durable rubber that provides maximum comfort and safety for your deer.

Surefoot Case Studies

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