An economic 12mm mat with a number of applications. Cellular profile, ribbed base. Great for stables and deer sheds.


Unimat rubber matting is made of high quality German rubber. Its cellular profile and ribbed base ensure superior comfort and shock absorption compared to concrete surfacing. Extremely durable and user-friendly, it can be adapted to a wide range of applications. Highly recommended for stables and deer sheds.



Width: 1000mm
Length: 1000mm
Thickness: 12mm

Can be finished with Unimat Ramped Edge.

Features and Benefits

Interlocking Edge

Cut with precision water-jet technology, Unimat’s jig-saw edge ensures each tile fits perfectly with the next to create a seamless finish.

Reduces Hoof and Shoe Wear

Concrete wears down animal hooves, especially skittish animals like deer. Unimat massively reduces hoof and shoe wear by providing a soft and durable surface over concrete.   

Reduced Noise, Increased Warmth

With its insulating properties, Unimat reduces hoof noise and blocks out the cold that comes with concrete, giving you a warmer, quieter environment for you and your animals.  

Reduces Costs

Unimat reduces the need for bedding by up to 80%, reducing costs and cleaning time.

Where Unimat Works


Unimat is perfect for stables. It’s warmer and softer for you and your horse. Easy to keep clean, reducing time and costs on bedding by up to 80%. Saves on hoof and shoe wear.

Deer Sheds

Unimat reduces the chance of infection caused by hard abrasive surfaces such as concrete. It also makes the deer a lot more relaxed and easier to handle. Highly recommended.

Unimat Case Studies

A Big Reduction In Numbers of Lame Deer

Location: Te Awamutu | Product: Unimat | Size: 215 square meters

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Putting a Stop to Swollen Legs at Thornicroft Station

The deer at Thornicroft Station no longer get swollen legs, all thanks to Numat’s Unimat. 

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A Rational Decision For Northbank Station Deer

Location: Rakaia | Products: Unimat, Legend | Size: 290m2

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