WingFlex Cow Bed

This is the ultimate comfort for wintering barn bedding. Premium quality 60mm matting with winged base.

Product details

WingFlex is our premium wintering barn matting, designed to give cows ultimate comfort and benefit their long-term health and milk yield. At 60mm thick with winged undersides, WingFlex provides superior comfort and softness for lying cows, making them more relaxed and increasing blood flow to their mammary glands for more productive lactation.

Width: 1100, 1150, 1200, 1250, 1300mm | Length: 1830mm | Thickness: 60mm




Made with recycled rubber




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Features and Benefits

Soft and Durable

Stable wing profile creates high permanent softness and durability.

Superior Comfort

  • Excellent cross-comfort ratio.
  • Adapts to the lying cow
  • Supporting studs have a cushioning effect under concentrated loads

Where WingFlex Works

Cow Bedding

As a cow bed, WingFlex provides improved comfort, mobility, milk yield, fertility, and hygiene.

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