YoungStar Feedlot Mat

Heavy-duty feedlot mat with hoof-stopping lugged profile.

Width: 900mm | Length: 2100mm | Thickness: 32mm | Weight: 50kg (approx.)

Product details

Designed with the needs of lot feeders, and their cattle, in mind. Young Star is a built-tough rubber matting system that’s simple to install, easy to clean, and an exceptional performer under pressure. With an 18mm thick base and its well-placed 12mm square lugs, this mat is designed to stop cattle slipping and dramatically reduce the incidence of falls and injuries. Great for cattle yards, induction areas, loading zones, and processing areas.

Width: 900mm | Length: 2100mm | Thickness: 32mm | Weight: 50kg (approx.)




Made with recycled rubber


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Features and Benefits

Reduces Slips and Falls

With its specially designed lugged profile, YoungStar dramatically reduces slipping and falls, leading to fewer cattle lost to injury.

Simple to Install

YoungStar’s uniform rectangular shape and the fact that it can be cut to size on-site makes for a simple installation process. Comes with a stainless-steel fixing system with no protruding metal parts.

High Quality, High Durability

YoungStar is made from high-quality, long-lasting rubber. At 30mm thick, it’s tough enough to handle all high-pressure stock handling areas.

Easy to Clean

As a one-piece, vulcanized rubber mat, YoungStar doesn’t absorb water and is much easier to clean than concrete and alternative products.