Rosehill TPV


Why is Rosehill TPV® better than alternative products?

We choose Rosehill TPV® granules for our Pour’n’Play surfacing because of its superior quality. We have been using Rosehill TPV® for years and have found that it offers better colour consistency, and superior UV stability to alternative products like Far Eastern EPDM and colour coated SBR granules.

Rosehill TPV® outperforms other coloured rubber granules in terms of UV stability simply by utilising the most advanced additives and pigments. These are combined with one of most innovative thermoplastic elastomer base polymers at relatively high levels to give a colourfastness that is superior to EPDM-type rubber granules. Not only does the colour last for longer but the granules do not harden over time either as the material is cross-linked using peroxide which also offers excellent material stability in comparison to sulphur-cured granules.


QUV weather machine test showing a comparison between Rosehill TPV® and Far Eastern EPDM. Both products were bonded with the same binding and curing agents, then aged beside one another for four months (2880 hours total in the machine). The EPDM granules from a Far Eastern Supplier, showed considerable whitening and also the surface became much harder. The degradation was quite substantial. The time in the QUV weather machine equates to almost four years in a moderately sunny climate. The Rosehill TPV® samples showed little if any deterioration, any minor colour change on the TPV that is visible is due to the binder and not the granules.

What is Rosehill TPV®?

The ‘TPV’ in Rosehill TPV® stands for Thermoplastic Vulcanised rubber. Rosehill TPV® is a one of a kind rubber wetpour solution which is a premium quality rubber granule made from virgin polymers combined with the highest UV stabilised pigments in order to increase colour retention and longevity.

Rosehill TPV® is the World leading brand in the wet pour industry, synonymous with superior UV stability and long-term ageing properties. Their TPV granules are sometimes used as a loose-fill surface, but are more commonly used in wet pour rubber surfacing solutions like Pour’n’Play

Rosehill TPV® can be used for playground surfacing, child care centres, outdoor fitness centres, sporting arenas, pathways, and in many more applications.

Numat is the exclusive importer and distributor of Rosehill TPV® for New Zealand.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our Pour’n’Play case studies or view international RoseHill TPV projects on the Surface Designs website.


Rosehill TPV® was developed by Rosehill Polymers, a world leading expert in applied polymer technology and rubber playground manufacturer, as a more robust and versatile alternative to the standard EPDM products.

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What are the benefits of using Rosehill TPV®?

Rosehill TPV® provides the following features and benefits:

  • QUV Weatherometre tested
  • Does not leach out black carbon or colour pigments
  • Product will not fade to white over extended period like some alternative products
  • Good luminosity
  • Rubber granules are non-porous compared to EPDM. Thus, the polyurethane cannot be absorbed by the TPV and the surface stays softer for longer
  • Long-wearing, high elasticity recovery
  • Superior UV stability and premium colour consistency
  • Does not contain heavy metals and is non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • Minimum dust levels which achieves less Polyurethane usage
  • Complies to New Zealand standard NZS 5828:2015, Australian standard ASNZ 4422:1986 as well as global standards BS EN 1177 and BS 7188
  • Over 24 consistent colours
  • Excellent long-term ageing properties and flexibility underfoot
  • A proven, cost effective alternative to other coloured rubber granules


The largest installation of Rosehill TPV® surfacing in the Southern Hemisphere: Margaret Mahy Family Park in Christchurch. Surfacing by Numat.


Colour options

Rosehill TPV® is currently available in a range of over 24 colours and offers both architects and installers endless possibilities for creative design when planning wet pour surfaces.

You can mix and match your colours to add more style, fun and games to your playground at no extra cost. Add a graphic or logo; waves and patterns; even chess boards, tag bases, sprint tracks and four square. Or just add colours and shapes and the kids will soon invent a new game.

An economic option is to use black rubber granules as the dominant colour because it has a lower cost. Then add vibrant TPV colours to the black to create a kaleidoscope of creativity.


Create your own mix


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