Balance Parks



A new way to play that inspires creativity, activates physical play and develops concentration.

Providing better play.
It’s a balancing act.

Numat Balance Parks get it just right. They strike the perfect balance between challenge and safety while providing limitless opportunities for creative physical play.

To ensure a quality result, Numat provides a complete overview of every Balance Park undertaking, with design, installation, landscaping, project management, and maintenance expertise.

The Balance Park Difference

Inspiring action

Rivers and river banks invite challenging play… after all, who wants to get their feet wet? Steppers, balance lines, and balance balls provide plenty of opportunities for inspired play.

Encouraging games

With a variety of course combinations, Balance Parks encourage group and competitive play. Running, jumping, climbing, balancing. It takes creativity and flair to be the best.

Ensuring safety

Our Balance Parks are built with safety in mind. Each park comes with high-quality safety surfacing that correctly meets critical fall height standards and maintains safety across the entire surface area.

Developing minds and bodies

It starts with play and simple movements and eventually leads to more challenging exercises and tricks. Along the way, amazing balancing and problem-solving skills develop!

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