& Tools

Pour'n'Play Colour Mixer

With our Numat colour mixer, you can design your own custom surface colour mix.

Choose from the 22 different colours, when mixed can create a near-infinite number of colour options.

Playground Surface Cost Estimator

Find out just how much you’ll need to budget with our online surface cost estimator.

This helpful tool provides you with an indicative cost based on the size of your surface and the Numat product you wish to use.

Funding Guide

Use this helpful worksheet to match funding societies with your funding needs and manage the application process. We’ve listed all of the major grants funding societies in New Zealand along with information about what they will fund, how often, and how much they will give.

Playgrounds Near Me Map

The ‘Playgrounds Near Me’ map is a map of all New Zealand’s publically accessible playgrounds that includes photo, description, location and information about available amenities and facilities.