Recycled Rubber

Care for the planet

There are over one billion tyres manufactured worldwide each year. Each has a limited lifespan on the vehicle it is originally intended for. And then what?

How do you turn this wide-ranging, long-term waste into a valuable resource? Sometimes the answer is at your feet…

We are committed to environmentally friendly products and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Almost all of our matting products are made from rubber recycled from waste vehicle tyres using a clean and efficient recycling process in New Zealand, Europe or Canada. Rubber used in these tyres comes from sustainable forests of the Pará rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis. On average over 1500 tyres are used for the 200m2 of Pour’n’Play matting.

Our dedication to reducing, recycling and reusing ensures we can minimise wastage as we maximize play spaces. This is a company-wide mindset – our work is about small feet, great feats and, with our focus on sustainability, a smaller footprint for our business.

We also take pride in the long-lasting strength of our product range. We scope each project and deliver well-matched, correctly fitted solutions to ensure our customers have a carefree future. Ours is not a ‘throwaway’ product. And that’s what it’s all about: taking care, growing up, protecting bodies and sharing adventures, be it with this generation or the next.


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