The modern gym is a tough environment – and it should be. The success of your clients starts at the surface.

With sweet science and brute strength our solutions carry the weight, balance the load and deliver the grip day after day, year after year.

We take pride in the durability of our products and the quality of our service. We get the lowdown on what you require, we deliver the ideal matting for your needs, we ensure above goes beyond.

Gym Flooring Products

Kura Fitness

Kura – extra heavy-duty gym mat. With its unique mosaic profile, studded base, and overall 24mm thickness you can’t go past Kura for comfort, anti-slip grip and shock absorption.

Unimat Fitness

Unimat provides a super hard wearing surface for high-impact gym areas. It copes easily with weights, heavy gym equipment and busy feet. 

Featured case study

Free Weights Area – Club Kelburn

Several months after they installed Unimat, Rob says the finish of the area is still seamless and the matting has stood up to plenty of high-impact use from gym members and equipment.

“The sheets haven’t unclipped at all and are easy to clean. We just run a vacuum cleaner over them and give them a wipe down when required.”

UniMat provides many benefits to gym users. Its stability and consistent shock absorption is kinder on the body, with a noticeable reduction in leg fatigue.