Playground surfacing

Safety begins
at the surface.


Good playground surfacing doesn’t just take the ‘ouch’ out of ‘oops’.

It instigates play, encourages exploration and inspires imagination. It protects, challenges and grows. And, ultimately, it ensures safe, happy and thriving children.

We deliver such results by carefully managing the entire process of playscape development. From initial assessment through to construction we make certain every client receives both service and products uniquely crafted and correctly fitting their specific requirements.

Playground Surfacing Products


Pour’n’Play is the world’s leading dual-pour rubber surface system. It combines the highest quality shock-pad with a colourful wet pour rubber top layer to bring you New Zealand’s premium playground surface solution.


PlayTiles make a great lower cost alternative to our Pour’n’Play system while still offering maximum safety. 


A shock absorbing turf system suited to playgrounds applications. Perfect for school and pre-school play areas.


PlayLok is an economical way of reducing risk of fall-related injuries in playgrounds. A free-draining, perforated mat through which lawn grows naturally. 

Surefoot Grass Retention Mat

Protect your lawns from the rigours of daily foot traffic with SureFoot grass retention rubber matting.

The Numat Approach

Care for people

Kids love to climb higher and go faster. Yes, we must always encourage them to do so. But we must also be ready for when they fall.

We have produced fall zone safety surfacing for more than 15 years. In this time our systems have consistently delivered for community, school and pre-school playgrounds.

Care for the planet

There are over one billion tyres manufactured worldwide each year. Each has a limited lifespan on the vehicle it is originally intended for.  And then what? How do you turn this wide-ranging, long-term waste into a valuable resource? Sometimes the answer is at your feet… 

Almost all of our matting products are made from rubber recycled from waste vehicle tyres using a clean and efficient recycling process in New Zealand, Europe or Canada. Rubber used in these tyres comes from sustainable forests of the Pará rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis. On average over 1500 tyres are used for the 200m2 of Pour’n’Play matting.

Care for the project

To ensure a quality final result Numat provides a complete overview for every playground undertaking, with design, installation, landscaping, project management and maintenance expertise.

We begin each project with a ‘no assumptions’ mindset. We assess every possible element of the project including, but not limited to, budget, timing and usage requirements. We then ensure the entire process is run in a ‘no surprises’ manner, delivering exacting professionalism from the first concept through to compliance, construction and completion.


Featured case study

Fixing playgrounds and building communities at Turner’s Reserve.

Numat was invited alongside Auckland City Council designers to assist in creating a natural yet safe play environment for Turners Reserve park. Being wheelchair access and maintenance free were two of the key criteria for the high wear areas – therefore we incorporated the loose-fill and Pour ‘n’ Play systems.

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